5 Values for a Sustainable Life in Recovery

What are Values?

These are principles that an individual holds dear and runs his/her life by.
The way a person lives life can certainly determine the type of values the person has.
For anyone in recovery, it is very important to live by values that will seek to help the individual fit in and be acceptable into the society.
Some important values to consider are;

  1. Independence

A person in recovery should be ready and willing to stand on their own two feet and do things for themselves.
Depending on people all the time for food, clothing and shelter is not sustainable. Find something profitable which can earn you the ability to acquire your most basic needs.

Do not become a burden!

2. Honesty

In everyday life, the people who are seen to be truthful, genuine and consistent in that behavior are the ones who are given opportunities.
The goal of recovery is not just to stop using drugs but an opportunity to turn a new leaf and build a new life.
Choosing to be honest, is not just a way to reintegrate into the society but also a way of getting new doors open so as to start building life again.

3. Patience

Giving up drugs will eventually bring about benefits such as good health, job opportunities, rebuilding of broken relationships and making of new and healthy alliances.
However, these things take time. Some people think that, just a few weeks after stopping drugs, they will get all these things in place and therefore often fall into despair when it takes longer.
You need to understand that, it takes time to make quality happen. Patience is very vital in these situations.

4. Integrity

What do you do, where do you go, who do you talk to when you know you will not get caught?
Always do what is right even when no one is watching, that is the key to remain abstinent.
Integrity will protect you from doing sketchy things which could lead you into trouble with the law or into relapse.

5. Courage

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma associated with drug use even if a person has been in recovery for a long time. Persons in recovery have to therefore be very strong and develop a ‘thick skin’ to discrimination and stigma.
That is the only way to move forward.

Bonus : Commitment

The road to recovery is neither straight, smooth, nor short, and that is life. Anyone interested in succeeding in any venture or undertaking in life must be committed to staying true to the mission until the goals are achieved.
Stick to your guns, practice your coping skills, attend recovery meetings with discipline and diligence.

Stay on the road and you will surely get where you want to be!

5 Techniques for coping with Cravings

Cravings, what does it mean?
It is a strong psychological urge to return to the drug of choice.

Facts About Craving

  1. They are a normal part of early recovery
  2. They start, rise, peak and fall
  3. The whole process lasts for about 15– 20 minutes
  4. Craving does not mean you are relapsing, it is part of the process
  5. After about 2 years of not giving in, it will disappear.

Coping with Cravings

  1. The Rubber Band Snap Technique
    Put a normal rubber band on your wrist and snap it anytime you have a craving and recite encouraging words to yourself. This can be practiced anywhere.
  1. The Journaling Technique
    This technique requires a notepad and a pen, which will be used to record your thoughts and feelings during cravings.
    This is a good way to step back and think about what is going on in the mind and body.
    In the absence of a notepad, a phone or laptop can be used.
  1. The Gratitude Listing Technique
    This is about listing all the things in your life that you are grateful for. Forget about any negative feelings and events happening in the moment.
    This is a powerful way to appreciate all the good things you have, despite your cravings.
  1. The Meditation Technique
    Listen to meditation tapes to help you relax and get through the ‘ride’. The ‘Abide Christian Meditation App’ is highly recommended.
  1. The Imagery Technique
    Imagine yourself in a place where there are no drugs, no cravings; your happy place and go there in your mind.