There is so much more to life than just being educated, smart, good-looking and determined. Do you know that most of life’s choices are based on having courage? Are you using this quality?
Courage is the most important virtue I think because to make the choice or decision that leads you to success, you must have the courage to do so. What then is courage?
According to me, ….courage is a combination of bravery and wisdom, that is, having knowledge which is sensible and being brave enough to make a choice or decision considered risky but worth taking anyway since it could lead to outright success or absolute failure.
Here’s another view. The dictionary says that courage is “the ability to control fear and to deal with danger, pain, uncertainty, bravery.” Just as I thought.
In my chats with colleagues, patients, family, friends, and acquaintances, I have become aware of the fact that we are not able to fulfill our destinies or fullest potentials because we lack courage. Our decisions are too clouded by thoughts of “fear of failure or disappointment” thus we fail to think about “what if I make it.”
There’s a saying that love shadows other emotions but surprisingly, it doesn’t cover our battles with self- doubt. Some of us fail to achieve happiness with the people we love because we’re afraid of getting hurt. Therefore, we would rather be with someone who is not likely to hurt us because we would rather not take chances with someone we gel with on all sides due to the same thoughts of “what if it doesn’t work out? / What if I get hurt?”
Instead, we will settle for a partner who is “safe for our hearts”. But to think of it, is there anyone who can be totally, completely safe for our hearts? I certainly do not think there’s a person who isn’t capable of making us cry or angry.
An issue that has also come up in chats with my group-(mentioned above) is that many people will never take the risk of a profession they love because of “what if it doesn’t work out? / What if I’m not able to make enough money to feed my family” whilst there’s a flip side “what if I do well, make enough money to feed my family and still do what I love best and be happy as a result.”
Courage, as we have seen, is important for us to have a more fulfilling life, relationship, and career. With more of us exuding courage in the world, we would be happier, stronger and more fulfilled I think. Matter of fact, I know.
Which is why henceforth, I am going to be more courageous because courage can bring you countless happiness, strength, beauty and all other desires of your heart.
So, I won’t hide behind my doubts and oh you shouldn’t either. In order that we won’t live a life of regret and try to pacify ourselves with unhealthy addictions. It is true, feelings of regret can be a trigger of unhealthy addictions including substance abuse. Keep that in mind.